Updated Hurricane Harvey Info (updated 8/27/17 at 6:47 PM CST)

UPDATED: 8/27/2017 at 1:45pm CST

Ham Radio Shelter Deployment is Probable: ATTENTION ARES MEMBERS- 8/27/17

This post is a summary of a Bexar County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) email forwarded by Ruth Lewis the ARES coordinator for Bexar County. This is a general overview to allow ARES members to contact their ARES Coordinator if they can help.

Once again contact your local ARES coordinator if you can help.

Remember to go through the proper channels and DO NOT just self-deploy.

Visit the South Texas ARES website to find your local ARES coordinator (Link to South Texas ARES website: http://www.arrlstx.org/) (Bexar County ARES: https://tinyurl.com/ybum5fdf)

Message as follows:  (Once again this is a condensed version and addresses of shelters are not provided to prevent self-deployment. Contact your ARES coordinator for full details.

The typical radio equipment needed is a dual band mobile radio with a gain antenna (over 19” in length), a power supply and a power strip.

The shelter may also provide a Red Cross radio for you to be their communicator with other Red Cross partners on their frequency.

The shelter locations are located in the following locations (listed in no particular order). Note some of these have multiple shelters needing operators.

Huntsville, Sealy, Houston, Richard, Galveston, Bloomington, Corpus Christi, Cuero, Hebbronville, Alice, Robstown, Victoria, Yorktown

Each of the Amateur Radio operators MUST have in their possession an ARES badge and wear an ARES/ARRL or plain shirt or vest.  The operators need to be careful driving to a shelter.  The shelters are open to the public and we would not expect limitations accessing the shelter.

The operator would not be able to access client or private areas of the shelter.

We are expecting the need for support to continue until the risk of loss of communication has passed.  The current thinking is next Friday, 9/1.  Coordination of the work shifts is left to the discretion of the local resources.

The Amateur Radio operators will be provided with meals at the shelter.  They will have an area in the shelter to set up their radio equipment and they would not be required to work out of their vehicle.  Sheltering would be arranged with the shelter manager.

Reimbursement for fuel is available but would need to be coordinated post-event.

Contact your local ARES Coordinator with questions that you may have. In Bexar County, please Contact Ruth Lewis, to let her know your availability for shelter deployment.

Based on an original email from Jeff Walter KE5FGA, ARRL STX SEC ARES

Texas: Ham Radio Emergency All Sections:

 (updated 6:40PM CST 8/27/17)
All Sections:
14.300.00 USB Maritime Mobile Service Net
14.325.00 USB Hurricane Watch
3.873.00 LSB Texas ARES/Texas Traffic Net
3.910.00 LSB Central Texas Emergency
3.935.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare/Hurricane Watch Net
3.975.00 LSB Texas RACES Alternate/State Operation Center
3.980.00 LSB Alabama Traffic Net (Supporting Harvey Health and Walfare)
7.240.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.248.00 LSB Texas RACES Primary
7.250.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.273.00 LSB Texas ARES Alternate
7.285.00 LSB Texas ARES Emergency Day
7.290.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare
South Section: Texas Traffic Net
3.955.00 LSB South Texas Emergency


SkyWarn Activation is likely for the next few days. As reported by City of San Antonio’s Twitter Account Bexar County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated. Shelters are setup in the area. Anyone needing shelter to stay at is asked to report to the AT&T Center.


Bexar County Sky Warn Activation is HIGHLY Likely. Please monitor the SkyWarn Frequencies. SkyWarn is on 146.940  – tone of 179.9 and the backup repeater is the San Antonio Emergency Operations Center (EOC) repeater which is on 147.180+ input only PL tone of 103.5 Monitor these repeaters.

Only report reportable data as listed by net control or listed on the suggested list below:

  • Wind gusts of 50 MPH or Greater.
  • Hail of Any Size
  • Wall Clouds
  • Rotation in Cells/Funnel Clouds
  • Tornado
  • Flooded and impassable streets.
  • Debris carried by wind
  • Lowest barometric pressure and time it occurred or sudden drops in pressure.
  • Any structural and tree damage *note size of branches and health of tree, “3 inch diameter of a live oak tree broken”

Monitor AARO Repeaters for possible emergency traffic: 

Medical Center Area Cross Band FM Repeaters 147.380 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone) and 443.875 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone). NOTE: NOAA Weather Alert will activate on the 147.380 repeater if an alert is active. It will NOT activate on the 443.875 side. Yield to K5EOC (Bexar County Ares)  if they utilize this repeater system.

151/Westover Hills Repeater: System Fusion C4FM digital enabled: 444.850+ 162.2 Pl, operating in Mixed mode (FM/C4FM) with Wires X.

Bexar County Amateur Radio Emergency Service  (ARES) uses the 147.380 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone) and 443.875 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone) repeaters as a back up. Please yield to K5EOC if they need to use the AARO Repeater System.

The image below shows the plan for ARES for Harvey. Please keep these clear if these repeater are being used for emergency activation, this include our AARO repeaters 147.380/443.875! 

ATTENTION Bexar County ARES Members: Please Contact Ruth Lewis, to let her know your availability for shelter deployment or other needs this weekend through the first of next week. *SEE UPDATE POSTED ABOVE ON 8/27

Other Frequencies to Monitor for Emergency Traffic:

2 Meter Calling Frequency: We have heard that local hams are monitoring 146.520 calling frequency as evacuations from the coast are happening. Please monitor.

Hurricane HF Frequencies: http://w4ehw.fiu.edu/wx4nhc-contact.html

ARRL Listing for Hurricane Watch net: http://www.arrl.org/news/harvey-regains-strength-hurricane-watch-net-plans-to-activate

VOiP WX Nets: http://voipwx.net/

Live Webstream of Various Police, EMS, Fire and Local Repeaters (including AARO’s) can be found on the San Antonio Metro Page of Radio Reference.com 

Important/Useful Websites in random order:

ARRL South Texas’ Website had Hurricane Specific Info includes the Communication Plan for the Hurricane 


CoCoRaHS (Rainfall Reporting Map for Texas) 

CoCoRaHS (Rainfall Reporting Map for Bexar County) 

National Hurricane Watch Center’s Hurricane Harvey page has latest Harvey forecasts on it. 

Austin/San Antonio National Weather Service for the latest weather updates

American Red Cross National Website has Harvey Info

Facebook for City of San Antonio is kept update with Hurricane Info

Twitter Account for City of San Antonio kept update with Hurricane Info

Bexar County Current Reported Flooded Area Map will show current flood reports

CPS Energy Outage Center for Gas and Electrical Emergencies and Outage Maps

San Antonio Water Service for possible Boil Water Notices or Water System Emergencies 

Texas Highway Department Map and List of Current Closures in Real Time

City of San Antonio Transguide and Traffic Reports

San Antonio Emergency Alert Signup

San Antonio Live Streaming Webcams/Weather Cameras

Please check out AARO’s Facebook Page I’ll be reposting Ham Radio and Hurricane news there as the Harvey Moves into the our area.

Don’t do facebook then that is fine because you don’t even need to have a Facebook account to see AAROs Facebook Page, just bookmark the page and revisit often. 

Please remember to turn around and don’t drown! 

Stay Safe


-K5NON, AARO President 2017