Monday Night Check-ins

Monday, January 15, 2018:

Info Net:

  1.  N5CDA         Gilbert     Net Control
  2. K5ADF          Terry
  3. AG5JD          Rob
  4. KG5BUD      Glenn
  5. WB5FWI      Chuck
  6. WD5H          Sid
  7. AK5FM         Frank
  8. W8SYD        Byron
  9. KC5QPQ      Linda
  10. KG5TUY      Chris
  11. KB5YSJ       Dale
  12. KG5WQQ    Rick
  13. N5VK           Chuck
  14. KG5VRH      Mike
  15. KG5VRG      Stacy
  16. AF5GG         Tim
  17. KD5ACL       Chuck

Slow Code Net:

  1. W8SYD        Byron
  2. KC5QPQ      Linda
  3. KG5VRG      Stacy
  4. KD5JGD       Keith
  5. K5PBR         John        CW Check-in
  6. KB5YSJ        Dale        Net Control

Monday, January 8, 2018:

Info Net:

  1.  N5CDA     Gilbert     Net Control
  2. K5ADF       Terry
  3. KD5HLV     Greg       Castroville
  4. WB5FWI    Chuck
  5. AK5FM       Frank     Hondo
  6. KG5OMX   Patrick    Hondo
  7. KC5QPQ   Linda
  8. KG5TUY   Chris
  9. KB5YSJ    Dale
  10. K5SAT      David

Slow Code Net:

  1.  K5PBR     John
  2. KD5HLV    Greg     Castroville
  3. KC5QPQ   Linda
  4. KB5YSJ    Dale       Net Control

Monday, January 1, 2018:


  1.  W8SYD      Byron     Net Control
  2. AK5FM       Frank     Hondo
  3. KD5HLV     Greg     Castroville
  4. KC5QPQ    Linda
  5. KB5YSJ     Dale
  6. KG5WER   Kenny    Castroville

Slow Code Training Net:

  1.   W8SYD       Byron
  2.   KC5QPQ     Linda
  3.   AF5GG        Tim
  4.   W5EDI       Mack
  5.   KB5YSJ     Dale     Net Control

Thanks everyone, for checking in, and Happy New Year!

73, de KB5YSJ


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About Dale Robinson

First licensed in February 1993 as a Tech +. Upgraded over the years to General, Advanced, and finally, Extra, after getting my CW copying speed up to 20 WPM (still required in those days). Although I started with CW to obtain / upgrade my privileges, I was surprised to find that CW is actually a lot of fun. I now host a slow code training net on Monday evenings after the Info Net to introduce interested operators to this mode of communication. 73, Dale, KB5YSJ