The AA5RO Repeater

The Alamo Area Radio Organization (AARO) maintains four repeaters:

Medical Center Area Cross Band FM Repeaters

147.380 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone)
443.875 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone)

The 2m and 70cm machines are linked together, providing cross-band 2m-70cm/70cm-2m operation as well as the normal 2m-2m and 70cm-70cm operation.

The 2m and 70cm repeaters are manufactured by Bridgecom Systems and have a 100% duty cycle rating at a full 50 Watts. NOAA Weather Radio Alert is automatically rebroadcasted on the 2 meter side of this system when severe weather alerts are issued. Silver and Amber Alerts are not.

Nets take place on these linked repeater Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. See the Net Section for list of AARO sponsored nets.

151 and West Over Hills FM/C4FM Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters  

147.320 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone) Currently Off the Air for Testing.
444.850 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone & Mixed Mode with Wires X)

Tone-Sql is Suggested on both of these repeaters.

The 70 cm repeaters are manufactured by Yaesu and operates on Automatic Mode Select (AMS / Mixed Mode) that are capable to operate in either FM or Digital modes. The equipment was donated by club members in March of 2015. Future Plans will convert this system to a Digital only mode by the end of the 4th quarter of 2017.

147.320 FM/C4FM (AMS Mode) Yaesu System Fusion repeater has expected installed around September 2017 at this 151 Westover Hills Location. This repeater has previously been on the air in a temporary location in Leon Valley, Texas. Currently (August 10, 2017) is offline for bench testing and configuration for the future install.

Both Repeaters are Yeasu System Fusion DR1X repeaters.

All four repeater frequency pairs are fully coordinated in the club’s name and callsign. Anyone with a technician class or higher HAM license can use any of these machines and adhere to AARO Repeater Rules posted below.

It’s only through our fund-raising activities and membership support that our Board of Directors have the resources necessary to upgrade our repeater systems. It’s thanks to you that AARO’s club treasury is capable of permitting us to put your dollars back to work for you in this way to support this great avocation.

Repeater Rules: Link to Repeater Rules