AARO Seeks Net Controllers

AARO is currently looking for volunteers for the Info Net (Mondays at 9pm CST) and the Night Owl Net (Saturdays at 10:30pm CST) both are held on the 147.380+162.2 and 443.875+162.2 cross banded repeater system.

To view the current schedule of net controllers please video the Net Controller Scheduling Page.

If you would like to volunteer please contact the AARO Club President with the date(s) that you would be willing to cover net control for. Net Scripts can be found on each of the Net Pages on AARO’s Club Website.

Book Study Net Today (Oct. 26th) at 4:30PM

Updated the time stamp was wrong what was posted on Oct 16th: (this one is correct for today)

For those reading along: This week read “The Settlers”, “The Green Morning” and “The Locusts”

These are short stories “The Settlers” takes about five minutes to listen to. So join us today even if you read one of them or all.

YouTube time should be 3:32 to 3:49

If you listen it’s very short and you can join us for the discussion.

Join the discussion Thursday at 4:30 on the 147.380 repeater.