Winter Field Day January 26th and 27th

Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) is a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators who believe that emergency communications in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that is done each summer but with some additional unique operational concerns.

 We believe as do those entities of ARRL Organizations like ARES & RACES that maintaining your operational skills should not be limited to fair weather scenarios. The addition of Winter Field Day will enhance those already important skills of those that who generously volunteer their time and equipment to these organizations. This is why WFD is open to all licensed amateur radio operators worldwide.

 Disasters are unpredictable by nature and can strike when you least expect them. WFDA’s goal is to help enhance your skills and ready you for all environmental conditions found in the US and Canada during the spring, summer, fall and winter Preparedness is the key to a professional and timely response during any event and this is what local and state authorities are expecting when they reach out to the emergency service groups that offer their services.

 If you are serious about emergency communications as we are; we welcome you to join us for our yearly event. We are sure you will find this event a pleasant change and challenge to that of a normal summer time field day.

Note: FT-8 is not a Form on communication with the WFDA

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Official ARRL Field Day Information

Open invite to children and Boy and Girl Scouts Troops.  Also, open to any adult interested in radio communication.  No skills or no license required.  Just an interest learning and possibly having some fun.  You will be able to operate the radios under the supervision of license operators and under Club band class license.

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators.

June 27 – 28, 2020

American Legion Post 300 3290 Grosenbacher Rd, San Antonio, Texas

Beginning at Noon (1800 UTC Saturday) and running through 6 PM (2059 UTC Sunday).  (Early arrival available for setup)

Talk in Frequency: FM Repeaters.

147.380 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone)

443.875 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone)

Committee Chairman:  Steve Troudt KE5WYV #210-415-4257

ARRL Rules click here