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Faraday Shielded Underwear???


Faraday cages, named after inventor Michael Faraday, are used to protect electronics from interference by blocking the current.

For example, systems in parliament, banks and stock market servers are protected by the technology.

Wireless Armour is a new line of ‘smart, wearable tech’ Wi-Fi shielding men’s underwear that aims to protect male fertility against 99.9% of harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi devices including smartphones and laptops.

In the Wireless Armour range, thin threads of silver are woven in with cotton during the production stage. This strengthens the underwear, but also makes them antimicrobial, protecting them from bacteria and keeping them smelling fresh.

Each pair has approximately 20 per cent silver woven into the fabric.

Wireless Armour underpants are available in two styles – tight-fitting boxer briefs or loose trunks.

There are then two versions of each, either a 360 model which protects from radiation in the front and back pockets, or an 180 model that only provides protection on the front of the body.article-2616832-1D79659700000578-620_634x566

Wireless’ Armour’s Faraday cage fabric has been independently tested and was found to shield 99.97 per cent of Wi-Fi signals.

For more info: https://wirelessarmour.co.uk/