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The Alamo Area Radio Organization (AARO) is a nonprofit Amateur Radio organization, club call sign AA5RO, dedicated to assisting the community through radio communications, and the enjoyment, appreciation, and the sharing of knowledge and advancement of Amateur Radio.  The purpose of this site is to provide club news and messages from the AARO Board to club members, and to present information that might be useful to HAMs anywhere.

Scouting’s 57th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) Takes Place October 18-19


Scouting’s 2014 Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) is set for the October 18-19 weekend. The annual event links Scouts and Guides around the world via Amateur Radio each third weekend of October. According to the World Scout Bureau, JOTA is the largest Scouting event in the world, with nearly 750,000 Scouts participating from 6000 stations in 150 countries around the world. Scouts of any age can participate, from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and Venture crew members. Not a contest, JOTA’s goal is to foster Scout-to-Scout communication across borders and oceans.

Licensed mentors often open their stations to Scouts on JOTA weekend, serving as control operators. Radio operation will be on 80 through 6 meters, all modes, and 2 meters and 70 centimeters FM simplex. So keep your ears open

San Antonio Raised Ham wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!


W. E. Moerner (WN6I) is a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University wins the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! Moerner joins Robert Floyd Curl Jr. ’50 as the second Thomas Jefferson grad to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

W.E.(Class of ’71) participated in many activities at Thomas Jefferson High School, including: Band, Speech and Debate, Math and Science Contest Team, Bi-Phy-Chem, Masque and Gavel, National Honor Society, Boy Scouts, Amateur Radio Club, Russian Club, Forum Social Club, Toastmasters, “On the Spot” Team and Editor of Each has Spoken.

After graduation, W.E. attended college at Washington University and earned a B.S. EE, A.B. in Mathematics and a B.S. Physics in 1975. His studies then took him to Cornell University where he earned a M.S. in Physics in 1978 and a Ph.D. in Physics in 1982.

Source: Thomas Jefferson Alumni Association…

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Titan Missile Museum Special Event – Oct 18th

80ft Disconne

6th Annual trip to Titan Missile Museum to operate a 80 ft. Discone that was built by Collins Radio Company in the early 1960’s and installed at its present location becoming operational 15th of July 1963 by the USAF until the site was deactivated in 1982.

This year will be bigger and better than ever!


W7AZO 4×4 Ham Special Event from Titan Missile Museum.

Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Titan Missile Museum
1580 W Duval Mine Rd
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Hours: 8:45 am to 5:00 pm

Talk in frequencies during meetup and travel to site:

ARA Metrolink repeaters and 147.52 simplex

If you are unable to join us in person, contact us on air.

Look for us calling CQ around 14.274Mhz and 7.274Mhz.

For More information:

About the Antenna

About the Museum

About the Event

Hams Needed – MS150 Bike to the River


They are a few rest stops on the  Valero Alamo Ride to the River 2 day event, needing to be covered with hams on this Saturday.  If you are interested in being a volunteer break point ham, please contact either myself (lee@besing.com) or Charlie Land KC5NKK (kc5nkk@hillcountryreact.org).  NO background checks or driver’ license record checks are required for break point / rest stop hams, only an online volunteer form to be completed.

Day one route goes from San Antonio thru Seguin over to New Braunfels, similar to previous years.  But on Day 2, Sunday, the route changes from previous years.  There are 3 routes on Sunday with different distances, and all three of them start / end at the Comal County Fairgrounds in New Braunfels.  Most communications will be via 2 meter repeater, with some simplex operations on 440. Medical will be on a separate set of repeaters both days, deigning to touch base with us lowly logistics mortals when they need our help.  LOL.

Currently we’ve even got 2 hams who volunteered to do double duty on Saturday; relocating from rest stop #1 & #2, over to rest stop #6 and #7 (south and north end of River Road route).  But Rest stop #5 (Post Road, just off IH-35, south of FM306 in New Braunfels) is still unassigned. We also have nobody covering the Comal County Fairgrounds finish line on Saturday.

Many of the rest stop locations closer to New Braunfels can be worked using only a hand held radio on 2 meters, so even if all you have is one of those Baofeng HT’s, you can still be involved in this event.

We’ve got hams driving in from the Houston area, Austin, Pipe Creek and even Kerrville to help.  With all the hams in the San Antonio area, we ought to be able to field a full complement of hams, with a reserve list of more willing to serve.

My thanks to those who are already helping this weekend.

Lee Besing