The San Antonio Office of Emergency Management, in support of National Preparedness Month and National Night Out, hosts a Citizen Preparedness Workshop that encourages San Antonio residents to take simple steps to prepare for an emergency in their homes, businesses, and community. This half-day event will provide citizens with presentations and training opportunities on various topics, such as citizen involvement opportunities, public health preparedness, community assistance services, and an emergency management overview from an all-hazard perspective. This workshop will provide citizens, community leaders, homeowners association presidents, and elected officials with an enhanced understanding of emergency preparedness.

and Exhibitor Display begin at 8:30 am.

The workshop will begin promptly at 9:00 am and will end at 12:00 pm.

A variety of workshops will provide community group leaders and residents with an enhanced understanding of emergency preparedness. Metro Health, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, National Night Out, CERT, and the National Weather Service are just a few of our scheduled presenters for this year’s event.

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General Upgrade Class Being offered May 2014

Bob Rodriguez, AARO Board Member, will be offering a 3 day class on Saturdays, beginning Saturday, May 10th, using the facilities of the new Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Hospital.  There will be no charge for taking the class, but there will be the usual testing fee of $15 to take the test on the third day. We will be using the Gordon West, W5YI General Class Book to conduct the class, with some hands-on demonstrations, not just the dry boring learning the correct answers to the questions on the test.

If you currently hold the a Technician Class Amateur Radio license, this class is for you.

Where:  Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Hospital, 11212 Hwy. 151 (past Sea World on the inbound access road between Westover Hills Blvd. And Wiseman Blvd.)  (Main hospital entrance is on the left side of the Hospital as seen from the highway.) Conference rooms A&B.

When:   Saturdays, May 10, 24 & 31, 9AM to 5PM.  Attendees should attend all three sessions.  Test will be given Saturday, May 31 at 3PM.

Cost:   $15 for exam.

Recommended study material:  Gordon West, W5YI General Class Book

For additional information, please Bob Rodriguez at via email using mailto: training@aa5ro.org with “ham class” in the subject line.


HOA Cont

Allowing the home owner to handle the request worked. I had to help create the plan, and request, but the home owner submitted it. There is a 30 day review period in most HOAs, but Timberwood Park approved it in 3 days. They issued the signed permit because I made it part of the purchase contract. Now, I am getting ready to move into our new home and put my tower back up. So it is possible to work with an HOA on placing an antenna. Not all will be as cooperative. I selected a home that hid the antenna well. Do you homework, speak with others that have been through this. then submit your request. Good Luck

Setenta y Thres para todos    K5ZUP