Callsign & QSL


The Club Callsign for the Alamo Area Radio Organization, Inc.


Anytime AARO members, most of whom are licensed HAMS, participate as an organized group representing the club in amateur radio operations, such as “Field Day”, the club callsign AA5RO is used. This replaces the original club call sign, KC5NTN.

The process of confirming radio contacts with any HAM or group of HAMs involves exchanging “QSL cards.” These are post cards which give time, date, frequency, location, and other bits of information about the contact. If you, or someone you know has “worked” (made a radio contact) with an AARO club station using the call sign “AA5RO” send your QSL card to:

The Alamo Area Radio Organization
PO Box 380032
San Antonio, TX. 78268