SA Traffic Jam

San Antonio Traffic Jam Logo

The San Antonio Traffic Jam is a group of Amateur Radio Operators in the San Antonio area that have a fun non-net controlled QSO’s on their way to and from work during the day on AARO’s Linked Repeaters. Topics vary from day to day but all licensed Amateur Operators are always welcomed to join in.


  • Ease the boredom of driving long distances during the day
  • Learn something new everyday (Tech or other)
  • Meet new friends in the Amateur Community
  • Maybe at times hear live traffic reports while members are driving around town.

Most operators are members of the Alamo Area Repeater Organization and actively participate on the Saturday Night Owl Net.  We thank AARO for the use of their repeater and of course all emergency traffic has priority on use of the repeater.

Barring any emergencies, special events, or holidays. The most activity begins from 7:00 am to 8:30 am and restart around 4:30 pm to 6 pm. There are always someone on the air during the entire day. Just key up with your call sign and chances are that there is a friendly face on the air. There is no formal check in or net control just key up say your call.

By the way “lurking” is prohibited.