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The Alamo Area Radio Organization, Inc.
PO Box 380032
San Antonio, Texas 78268

+1 (234) 755-AARO

Occasionally, we will arrange sanctioned testing sessions for individuals interested in getting a new Amateur Radio License or upgrading the one they have. If you’re ready to become a licensed radio operator or expand your FCC approved activities, please let us know.

For general questions about obtaining your license, please refer to AARL and the FCC.

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Have anything you would like to share with us? Want to rave about changes to the site, or make suggestions about additions YOU would like to see? We would love to hear from you.

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Please keep communications professional, but you may contact the club officers for any official matters concerning the well-being of the club or verification of membership.

Membership Inquiries: Club Secretary
Billing Issues: Club Treasurer
Regulatory Inquiries: Club President
Maintenance Concerns: Club Trustee