Medical Center Repeaters

VHF FM Repeater

147.380 MHz (+ offset & 162.2 Hz PL tone) – FM

UHF FM/DStar/Fusion Repeater

443.875 MHz (+ offset) – FM (162.2Hz PL tone) / DStar (local/internet) / Fusion (local only) / DMR (RX only from TG315819 – AARO’s TG)

All-Star Network 900MHz FM Repeater

927.050 MHZ (- offset & 110.9 Hz PL tone)

Est Repeater Range Map


The 2m and 70cm repeaters are manufactured by Bridgecom Systems and have a 100% duty cycle rating at a full 50 Watts. NOAA Weather Radio Alert is automatically rebroadcasted on the 2 meter side of this system when severe weather alerts are issued.

The 33cm Repeater is a custom build repeater with a 30 watt  PA designed by Tom Apel, K5TRA that is linked to a nationwide All-Star Network.

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Club Nets take place on these linked repeater:

Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.